One of our goals for the end of 2020/beginning of 2021 was to build a well-equipped video studio that could support our brands with high-quality digital content. We’re happy to announce that we’ve succeeded in doing this, and we’re ready to share the results of the first test done at the BESTSELLER Studios.

These days, when we’re observing the changes taking place in the e-commerce market, we can be sure of one thing – the demand for video-based content online is constantly increasing. The statistics leave no doubt, more and more customers would prefer to learn about a product by way of a video as it allows for a shopping experience previously reserved for physical stores.

We understand the needs of today’s customers, as well as the importance of showcasing your products in the best possible way. That’s why we want to make sure our clients are offered the full service in e-commerce production.

“We’re happy that we equipped the BS Studios with the best video gear available on the market and that we managed to build the studio set up in such a short time. This test is a great example of how we can support our brands to create engaging digital content that complements their imagery”, says Adam Fedorowicz, Production Manager in BESTSELLER Studios. “Having built the new video studio, we now want to focus on creating a unique and innovative approach to video production that will attract new customers, increase sales growth, and reduce the return rate of products.” We hope you like the results of the first test. Stay tuned to learn more.